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Ground-Breaking Research Shows That Laser Spectral Linewidth Is Classical-Physics Phenomenon

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New ground-breaking analysis from the College of Surrey may change the way in which scientists perceive and describe lasers – establishing a brand new relationship between classical and quantum physics.

In a complete examine printed by the journal Progress in Quantum Electronics, a researcher from Surrey, in partnership with a colleague from Karlsruhe Institute of Expertise and Fraunhofer IOSB in Germany, calls into query 60 years of orthodoxy surrounding the ideas of lasers and the laser spectral linewidth – the muse for controlling and measuring wavelengths of sunshine.

Within the new examine, the researchers discover {that a} elementary precept of lasers, that the amplification of sunshine compensates for the losses of the laser, is simply an approximation. The staff quantify and clarify {that a} tiny extra loss, which isn’t balanced by the amplified gentle however by regular luminescence contained in the laser, offers the reply to the spectral linewidth of the laser.

One in all these loss mechanisms, the outcoupling of sunshine from the laser, produces the laser beam utilized in automobile manufacturing, telecommunications, laser surgical procedure, GPS and a lot extra.

Markus Pollnau, Professor in Photonics on the College of Surrey, stated: “For the reason that laser was invented in 1960, the laser spectral linewidth has been handled because the stepchild within the descriptions of lasers in textbooks and college educating worldwide, as a result of its quantum-physical rationalization has positioned extraordinary challenges even for the lecturers.

“As we have explained in this study, there is a simple, easy-to-understand derivation of the laser spectral linewidth, and the underlying classical physics proves the quantum-physics attempt of explaining the laser spectral linewidth hopelessly incorrect. This result has fundamental consequences for quantum physics.”

Reference: “Spectral coherence, Part I: Passive-resonator linewidth, fundamental laser linewidth, and Schawlow-Townes approximation” by Markus Pollnau and
Marc Eichhorn, 9 March 2020, Progress in Quantum Electronics.
DOI: 10.1016/j.pquantelec.2020.100255

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