Sunday, February 28, 2021

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SCO Wins Big at the 13th NFEH Annual CSR Awards

Special Communications Organization (SCO) has once again been recognized for its efforts and noteworthy contributions towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the National Forum...

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Bots Reportedly Helped Fuel GameStonks Hype on Social Media Platforms

Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP (Getty Images)The s0-called GameStonks saga had some help from automated bots hyping up “meme” stocks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube,...


New Catalyst Promises Lighter, Cheaper, Higher-Capacity, Next-Generation Rechargeable Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are currently widely used in electronics but lithium-sulfur batteries could replace them in the near future as lighter, cheaper, and higher capacity...

New Design Improves Efficiency of Next-Generation Perovskite Solar Cells

By David L. Chandler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology February 27, 2021 This image shows perovskite photovoltaics in the background with individual perovskite crystals shown as colorful...

Science Made Simple: What is Cosmic Acceleration and Dark Energy?

By U.S. Department of Energy February 27, 2021 The universe is expanding, and it expands a little faster all the time. Scientists call the speeding up...

Tonight Is the Snow, Storm, and Hunger Moon – Here Are Some Amazing Celestial Events Coming Up Next

Moon phases. The next full Moon will be early Saturday morning, February 27, 2021, appearing opposite the Sun in Earth-based longitude at 3:17 AM EST....

Artificial “Magnetic Texture” Induced in Graphene – May Lead to Powerful Quantum Computers

The image shows eight electrodes around a 20-nanometer-thick magnet (white rectangle). The graphene, not show, is less than is less than 1 nanometer thick...


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The Pixel 5a is coming — here’s everything we know so far

While it may have taken longer to be released than we initially hoped, last year's Pixel 4a proved to be one of 2020's best...

Stadia: Everything you need to know about Google’s cloud gaming service

Source: Android Central The world of gaming is changing, thanks in part to new cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia. Rather than coming to market...

These are the best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases you can buy

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Cases Android Central 2021 The best Samsung Galaxy S21 cases will not only keep your new smartphone protected, but they'll keep it looking as...


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